Zero-Access Encryption

We use industry standard 256-bit asymmetric encryption to encrypt your all your data using your own personal keypair. We physically cannot access your information even if we were compelled to do so.

Powerful API selected testing now

You can use our powerful API access your messages and send new ones via any device... iPhone, Android? Terminal? Go ahead!

Simple Conversations

You can both receive and send messages with our service. Receiving is free as long as you have a number. Sending is paid using our pay-as-you-go pricing.

Contact Storage

We include a full and encrypted contacts system so you can save your contacts, you can import and export contacts using VCF files.

Hosted in Iceland

All of our data is hosted on servers located physically in Iceland, a country that prides itself on its privacy laws. Making additional arragements to keep your data safe is our top priority in addition to full encryption.

But why use it?

Put a Stop to Corporate Advertising

Stop corporations from selling your personal phone number to advertisers.

Verification of additional accounts

Use your number to verify additional accounts on any service such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail and others. You can also use it as a whois domain phone number.

Stop SIM Card swap scams

Your mobile provider does not protect you from malicious actors stealing your SIM via a swap scam, we do.


Private Number

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per month

Own a secure personal number which you can use for incoming and outgoing messages. There are currently 0 phone numbers available.

Rent a SIM number now

Message Pricing

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Incoming: FREE always Outgoing: €0.00 per message

Supported Payments

Cryptocurrencies supported

We currently support payments with cryptocurrencies such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Etherum
  • Monero

And others such as:

  • BCH
  • LTC
  • XRP
  • DASH
  • DOGE

Credit card payments and PayPal

We fully support payments from the all major credit card providers and PayPal.

As well as direct payments from UK, US, EU and Polish bank accounts.

Coming soon to our payment system:

  • AliPay
  • Wechat Pay


All of your frequently asked questions answered.

Where and how are my encryption keys stored?

The public / private keypair is stored within our database servers in Iceland, there are two asymmetric keys, master and encryption. The master key is used to encrypt your encryption key while the encryption key is used to encrypt any data you have. We do not have access to either of them as your passphrase is required to decrypt. You can retreive them by downloading your data in the dashboard.

How can I be sure my data is safe, aren't you using proprietary code?

You're right, nothing and nobody can be trusted, however we have made our best efforts be as transparent as possible and have therefore released our user encryption module source code on GitHub, you can access it by clicking the icon in the footer. The general rule is that you shouldn't provide any information you wouldn't want to be leaked.

Is my data safe / encrypted in transit?

No, while we make sure to encrypt any data stored on our servers / infrastructure, data is not being encrypted as soon as it exits our systems onto the GSM / CMDA network.

What can I use this service for then?

Anything you want really, if you need to create a second account on Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp or any other service that requires a mobile phone number. You can even use it with social networks to stop them selling your data to advertisers. You can use it to message friends or relatives if you need to.

What countries can I send/receive messages to/from?

You can receive and send messages from any country available in our helpful message pricing box. Basic rule is that most countries will work perfectly fine, on some sent messages however your number may be replaced with a "SMS" contact, in those cases we include your number at the end of the message.

Are any messages blocked?

Nope, as far as we are aware no incoming/outgoing messages are blocked and no filtering is taking place.

What happens if were to be compromised?

Most of the information we store is encrypted with your private key, only some metadata (such as dates) remains unencrypted. We do recommend you use an email that cannot be traced back to you.

What happens if receives a search warrant / gag order?

We will comply with any lawful search warrant, however due to our security practice our canary, which you can find in the footer, will not get updated.

Can you read any of my outgoing/incoming messages?

Nope, even if we wanted to, we could not, we only know when they arrive but not much else.

What are the rules regarding usage?

Please do not use for evil things (or harm anybody for that matter), we would appreciate not having police coming over.

What countries are numbers available in?

At the moment we only offer phone numbers from the United Kingdom, and we have now started testing SIM cards from other, mostly european countries, so keep and eye on updates :)

Can I use this service over TOR?

Yes, our service is available over TOR, you can find the link in the footer.

Do you recycle phone numbers?

Nope, as soon as a number is expired it is removed from the pool and SIM card physically destroyed.

Are these real phone numbers?

Yup, all real SIM cards that are put into our bespoke modems (we even have our logo imprinted on the boards).